Brendel's has bee great to work with. We have had to take our vehicles there multiple times and every time we have the same experience. We drop the vehicle off, give them our insurance information, and pick it up when it is done. No hassles with decisions, insurance claim follow-up, additional expenses, etc. If we have felt like something isn't quite right, they work with us until it is done to our standards! They are friendly, fast, and easy to get a hold of. All around GREAT customer service! THANK YOU BRENDELS!


Great experience taking my truck to Brendel's Collision & Paint. They went out of there way to make sure I had a ride and helped me through the process of dealing with the other persons insurance company. Everything turned out great!


Brendals worked on my car last week due to someone bumping into the back end of my brand new car. Miles worked on my car. He explained everything that had been done, he kept in contact with great through out the process of my car getting fixed, overall I felt.i had a great experience. Thanks miles for the great customer service